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Specializing in Active Traders in Securities & Commodities

Our trader evaluation questionnaire can assist you in helping you to answer the question of whether or not you qualify as a trader. Please fill it out and submit it to us. We will evaluate you answers and email you our opinion at no charge.

Your Name:

Phone (H):
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1) How frequently do you trade? 
How many trades on average do you execute on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
2) What types of securities do you trade?
3) What is your average holding period?
Do you consider yourself a...
4) How many hours per day do you spend watching prices and the market during market hours of operation? How many hours per day or week do you spend reading financial publications, company news, analyzing market or stock action, analyzing charts, patterns of trading, etc?
5) Do you have another source of income from employment and how many hours per week do you spend at that job or business?
What is that job and what percentage of your income is generated from that job and what percentage of your expenses are met by that income? Please consider all sources of income from yourself, spouse or other household members.
6) How long have you been trading?
What have been your net results during that time period?
What are your results year to date?
7) What is your average annual trading expenses? Please consider computer hardware and software, seminars, training, books, tapes, online services for quotes, data, news, charts, etc.
8) What is the size of your trading account?
What is the size of your total portfolio?
What is the approximate percentage of assets traded related to your total assets?
Do you have separate brokerage accounts for trading positions and investment positions?
9) What was the amount of your dividend and interest income last year?
How important is it for you to receive income from your investments?
Do you purchase a stock for long term capital appreciation?
How long do you expect to typically hold a stock when you purchase it?
10) Do you use a trading system?
Do you trade by fundamental or technical analysis or some other method?
11) Have you ever filed a Schedule C as a trader?
Have you elected or considered electing IRC Code section 475 Mark-to-Market Accounting Treatment?
12) Do you trade from home, work or a day trading site?
13) Are you a floor trader or member of any exchange?

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